Kid-Friendly Family Desk

“Mom, can I use your computer?” 

“Ughhhh, OK”


Busy moms do just about everything online these days.  Just a list a few of the things I do online are look up kids’ grades/homework, sign-up for sports & activities, update PTO website, email, work, schedule, pay bills and most importantly, scroll instagram/facebook and shop! :)

So in a family with three kids, we clearly need more than just mom’s laptop. We needed a computer and we needed one in a spot that was accessible and most of all public.  I want to see what the kids are doing online, because let’s face it, even with the tightest of parental controls you just never know what they can find online.  I want to protect my kids and keep their innocence in tact.

The kitchen is what I call the “life center” of the home.  We LIVE in the kitchen.  So what better spot for the computer and the “family desk”?  I wanted something simple and functional and an extension of our newly renovated kitchen.  We had cabinets made to match those in the kitchen, and the beautiful natural wood desk top adds warmth and a nice contrast to the cabinets.  I added the magnet boards on the wall behind the desktop for displaying the kids’ art, work, pictures, anything we are proud of…

We have all enjoyed our new spot.  It’s mostly used for fun with a little bit of homework mixed in.  Whether its James playing Curious George games, Charlie playing whatever new cool games he has found, Lucy looking up recipes, crafts and braids on Pinterest or all of us cracking up to a silly you tube video that usually ends up with someone getting hurt.  So maybe it’s more than me being able to see what the kids are doing, maybe it’s that I want to be included in their fun.  I think maybe one way to do that is to get involved in what they love and they LOVE the computer!