10 Things We’ll Let Our Clients Buy From IKEA

You know, it’s not often you’ll hear a luxury designer and remodeler discussing IKEA, but today we’d love to share the 7 items we personally have bought and installed at our own homes from IKEA that we love! And a few warnings about some things that are kinda terrible. Lol. 

Generally speaking, we really do not recommend IKEA items for any of our client projects, but sometimes, when you’re in a DIY situation, IKEA is just the best option! Is it ever my first option? Absolutely not. But when budget and/or timeline is tight, these are the items that are tried and tested!


IKEA PAX – This series of items from IKEA was designed for customizable closets or wardrobes, but I’ve used it in my laundry room! It comes at nearly a full 8’ height (which is really rare for any pre-fab furniture) and multiple depths and widths, and is really excellent for what we needed! Also, these PAX hacks show just how beautiful this can turn out!! 

IKEA HILJA curtains – Y’all, I’ve had these $14 curtains hung in my master for 5 years and I’m telling you, I love them. I used hooks on the back to create pleats and hung them on rings and frankly, best $14 I’ve ever spent! 

IKEA HEMNES bathroom sink cabinet – okay, so this was kind of a fluke, but I really do like it. Did you know that IKEA has a clearance section? It’s for items they’ve already put together or that people have returned. Well 10 years ago Sarah and I found 2 matching Hemnes sink cabinets and purchased both of them. I honestly think they were $50 a piece and came with the sink, faucet, and the cabinet itself! When it was time to do my house, it fit perfectly and so we just threw it in there. It’s actually super functional and pretty cute!

IKEA LIATORP – I ordered these pieces for Ruth’s room to create a bookcase! This little girl has literally hundreds of books. (Lol I mean, it’s not her fault. Me and Nick have hundreds more!!) I liked this piece because the back of the bookcase is a wide-paneled headboard that matches the rest of my house! I mean, it’s a cheesy piece but It was between the $300 Liatorp and $3,000 at Pottery Barn, so IKEA won the day!!!

IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen – I mean, I think anyone who has a child has this. There’s all types of adorable hacks online but ultimately, no matter how you fix it up, your kids will love it! (Honorable mention for the cinnamon roll and pizza set too in the DUKTIG line. 

IKEA LILLABO train set – $35. Boom. Done. Approved! 

IKEA FLISAT with TROFAST bins – We have this table and bins for Ruth’s main play table. Currently the bins have animals and dinosaurs in them, but at other times they’ve had Duplo’s, Marshmallows and penguins, little wood people, and silk scarves. We’re constantly playing at this table. 


IKEA RAST 3 drawer chest — stop it. Y’all I bought this when me and Nick first got married because we needed bedside tables. They are TINY. Lol. I stained them with a greyish wood stain and put these gorgeous handles on them, and even still, they are the stupidest little pieces of furniture. HAHA. I’m sorry RAST, but you aint it. 

IKEA MALM — Laura, y’all know Laura, she works here, she was also my college roommate. She had the MALM in college and like, how can I fully express to you how crappy the MALM is. It is completely bland and pale and just…there’s nothing redeeming about the MALM. Get out of here MALM!

Anything upholstered — The construction, the cushions, the fabric, nothing here is really what we want to be doing for upholstered pieces. 

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