The House With a Huge Dream


I’ve been so excited to share with y’all the incredible story of the Sam Bass Project for a long time now! Here we go!!

About two years ago we were approached by a Southlake realtor to check out this house that her client wanted to sell! The client was interested in doing a bit of a face-lift on the interior of a 1970’s, 3 level, lake-front home in Southlake. We viewed the house, dreamed dreams, submitted a design and a proposal, and waited. Our proposal at the time actually was THREE TIMES bigger than any of our projects we had done yet! We were SO EXCITED for the opportunity to tackle such a huge project! We had our entire family praying hard for this opportunity as we knew it could truly be life-changing!

We waited for a few weeks, then checked in with client, then waited a few more weeks. Unfortunately, we never heard back from the client again. The disappointment was so heavy. Y’all know the feeling. Working hard to achieve something great, putting your best foot forward, giving it your very best, all for nothing. The disappointment didn’t just have to do with the client never responding to us again, it also totally had to do with praying so hard for something and it being denied, and we KNOW y’all have been there too.

Complete Home Remodel

8 months later, this sweet, energetic, super joyful woman sneaked into the store! She quietly poked around, smelling candles, looking at pillows, the usual until she finally made her way to the back and harmlessly mentioned “We’re thinking about maybe buying a really interesting house on Sam Bass Ridge in Southlake and having it renovated.” I immediately started squealing!! I rushed to the back room where I had saved our presentation that included inspiration photos and pricing and handed it directly to her!! “Not only do we want to renovate this house, but we actually already have a plan put together!!!!” We asked “Wait?! Have you talked to the realtor selling this house?! Did she tell you to come talk to us?” She explained no not at all. The realtor hadn’t said a word about us having an entire proposal for the property, this sweet woman had just stumbled across us on Instagram and decided to pop in the store! So much squealing! The huge opportunity was back on the table!

Entire Home Remodel Southlake

After months of re-design: selecting every single detail from cabinet hardware, to lighting, to tile selections, to layout, paint colors, etc for an entire 3 story house, the client finally signed with us to do their remodel! The missed opportunity we had mourned months prior of doing a project three times larger was now laughably small, as the project we wound up doing was now NINE TIMES LARGER than anything we had ever done!

Friends, hear me now! THIS IS WHO GOD IS! He takes your wildest dreams, and doesn’t multiply them by three. He takes your wildest dreams, and multiplies them by nine and beyond!

Entire Home remodel

We received the opportunity to work on this incredible home, and this incredible design because 2 faithful people who took a chance and trusted 2 girls and their dad to work their tails off and make this families dreams a reality. WHAT A BLESSING WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN!

Now, in 2019, we get to walk confidently into any project, in any house, with any clients because of the experience we gained and the lessons we learned from Sam Bass.

God bless clients who walk in faith. — Now WHO’S READY TO SEE START SEEING SOME COMPLETED PHOTOS!!!!

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