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Emily here! Most of y’all know me already, but for those of you who don’t, I’ve known Sarah and Katie since I was in 6th grade, I’m a UNT student studying Social Work, I’ve worked with the girls for 3 years, and I really love giraffes … and bagel bites.

Every now and then Sarah gives me a recap or mini lesson as a reminder on how to best style different tables and shelves, so that every piece matters and feels like an important addition. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There are really just five simple steps to follow to make sure your shelves are looking just right! You ready?!

1 – Scale

It may sound intimidating, but it’s really not! Just make sure your pieces all come in varying shapes and sizes. This mix creates visual interest!

Interior Decorator Southlake2 – Something New

I’m talking pieces that are metallic, glass, mirror, polished ceramic, pops of color — anything that reflects light and immediately draws the eye! This colorful, oddly-shaped, stem vase does the trick!

Interior Decorator Southlake3 – Something Old

This step can be tricky, only because where do you find the good stuff!? But it is by far the most impactful, and creates a timelessness that can’t be beat. It could be an antique ceramic planter, or a vintage piece of artwork that provide character and heart. The best pieces are the ones our clients’ collected from their travels, like these hand made vases.

Interior Decorator Southlake4 – Natural Element

By natural, I mean something made of wood, terra-cotta, concrete, etc. Anything that makes you feel like it came from the earth. Adding these pieces creates a sense of stability to design. It eliminates the feeling of being too sterile, flashy, or fake. It’s grounding in a sense.

Interior Decorator Southlake5 – Plants

This step is one of my favorites, add life! Now no matter how hard I try, I cannot keep plants alive in my house, so I tend to go with artificial ones, that way I don’t have to worry about it! Try adding succulents, floral arrangements, and little plants to keep your home feeling fresh.

Best Interior Decorator in Southlake6 – Psych! One more step!

This one isn’t technically a step, It’s just important that you know that sometimes one object will fulfill more than one of these categories! An object may be “Something New” and also a “Natural Element.” Or a “Plant” may be in a container that is “Something Old.” So just consider these tips as guidelines, not hard rules!

I know that this can be so overwhelming. Trust me, I have literally stared at a shelf for hours moving the same vase back and fourth trying to decide if I even like the vase itself! But do you know what the good thing is?? The options are limitless, and it’s your home! So you can’t do it wrong! And hey, if you ever get stuck, pop into the store, and we can help you out!!

Just remember — If I can learn this stuff, I know you can too!

Check out more pics below to get more styling ideas!

Best Interior Decorator in SouthlakeBest Interior Decorator in Southlake

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