Our Design Predictions for 2021


Hey y’all! Happy New Year! Laura here. I am Lambert Home’s newest team member and while I am still very green…I feel like I’ve been a part of Lambert Home since it’s inception and that’s probably because I grew up watching HGTV with Sarah and Katie every day after school, lived with Katie in college (Wreck ‘Em Tech) when the dream became a business plan, and have helped with a few tasks here and there over the past five years! So yeah I am especially excited to be here officially part of the team. And I am especially thankful that everything came to fruition during the last bit of 2020. It’s safe to say we had quite a year. For those who don’t know me yet…I’m an enneagram six and truth be told I honestly thought we would all meet Jesus in 2000 during Y2k. I was sure of it, but nope! Then 2020 happened and let me tell you…after spending months in a one bedroom apartment I was READY to meet Jesus. But here we are; 2021. We made it through a year of pandemic, social unrest, a stock market crash, murder hornets, and Prince Harry leaving the royal family! I think it’s safe to say that 2020 was a year of disruption but it was also a year of learning about ourselves. A year of rethinking the way we operate and live our lives. It changed literally everything, especially interior design and how people use and view their homes! All over the world people became confined to their households. We saw a shift in open-plan living and blurred spaces where your kitchen table and office space became one…for some of us temporarily and for others, permanently. We saw an uptick in DIY, outdoor living and home improvement projects of all kinds. 2020 was the year we learned to adapt. 2020 was the year people deepened their desires for an aesthetically pleasing home.


So what does 2021 have in store?

More of the same but plenty of new. We believe that homeowners’ desire to counteract the anxiety and tension of the outside world with their interior design isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to stay, and honestly, we’re really excited about that at Lambert Home! It’s only what we’ve been saying for years! So you may be wondering…what are the trends and where will people be gravitating as far as design goes this year? Lucky for y’all, Sarah and I have the skinny! Here’s what we are seeing…

Soulful Sanctuary

Pantone may have dubbed a vibrant light yellow and it’s first neutral (a gray) the colors of the year but that’s not all, folks. Pastels are in. Easter egg hues are growing in popularity just in time for spring. Stop. Wait. I know what you’re thinking… and let me reassure you…none of us want a sea-foam green colored kitchen! There are different ways to cash in on this trend without wanting to throw up when you look at your walls! Think light light LIGHT airy but dull versions of these classic pastel colors- dusky orchid, frosty green, whimsical pale blues, pinks, and lavenders. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again before this blog ends- people. are. craving. peace. And what’s more peaceful than pastels? We will be seeing lots of calm vibes in 2021. Sarah and I have been noticing (and loving) lots of iridescent glass, watercolor art, and soft textiles to go with the ~vibe~. That last bit is great for me because I am the queen of comfort. Give me a beautiful fluffy duvet and soft lighting and I am good to go. I don’t need anything else!

 2021 Trends - Soulful Sanctuary
Soulful Sanctuary - 2021 Design Trends
Pastel Colors - 2021 Trends
Peaceful Deisgn Trend
Soulful Sanctuary - 2021 Trends
Purple 2021 Trend
Iridescent Design Trend

Nature in the City.

Or as Sarah and I like to call it. Jumanji Ballroom. It is brutalism meets veganism meets the outdoors meets sustainability. This is for all you city girls and guys out there. 2020 and the rapid urbanization that has been going on for some time now made all of us crave the outdoors. Our backyards went from being an afterthought to an investment and now in 2021 we are cashing in on how much we love an outside experience. Sarah and I are forecasting that this will be brought indoors. Hello, houseplants! We love a good Mother in Law’s Tongue or a moss ball filled bowl, but that’s not all you’ll be seeing. We are projecting matte black hardware, terra-cotta colored everything, imperfect finishes, warm-neutral-earthy tones, geometric patterns or prints, sculptural influences, and lots of stacking to create visual interest. I am HERE for this trend. First of all, I want matte black everything all of the time. Second of all, Veganism. No, I’m not a vegan. I live for food and that includes a juicy steak. But this is still a growing trend that I can get behind. It’s healthy! It’s responsible! It’s good for the environment! We will be seeing this more and more and then maybe even more!! Plant based fibers and textiles are making a strong resurgence as people look for new ways to live a more-sustainable life and purchase eco-friendly/biodegradable materials. Which makes sense why Sarah and I are seeing hemp, sisal, jute, raffia, and fique EVERYWHERE!

2021 Trends - Nature in the City
Nature in the City - 2021 Design Trends
Memphis Neutral Interior Design
Nature in the City
Terracotta Color Pallete
Nature in the City
Modern Nature in the City Design
Nature in the City 2021

Garden of Babylon

This is a fun one. Especially for you maximalist babes. Nature meets nurture. Abstract meets luxury. Simple lines met with ornate plush materials. This trend just screams Madison to us! We are seeing lots of floral and tropical prints on high quality fabrics. Printmakers and textile companies will be throwing nature, fruits, and abstract florals at us all year long and we personally cannot wait! And the use of texture! I mean, it’s simple really…what’s more gorgeous than a shaggy pouf or jewel tone velvet throw pillow? Nothing. It adds so much texture and energy to any location in your home and so easily too! This trend takes that notion and runs with it. The goal here is visual appeal using strong bold colors and patterns. You will be seeing a lot of jungle greens, luscious reds, coral pinks, and deep purples! And rattan! All the rattan! Oh, and hand-glazed ceramics. Honestly, I’m anticipating that this trend segues into a nostalgic use of 1970’s flair towards the end of the year. Time will tell!


Gardens of Babylon
Floral Wallpaper
Garden of Babylon
Floral Wallpaper
Colorful Living Room
Pink Bedroom
Floral Sofa
Design Trends

So there you have it…we are seeing a plethora of uplifting color, a desire for positivity within the home, and self-expression being prioritized! People want their space to be a reflection of themselves and this will continue to be more and more true with the amount of time people are actually spending at home! The fun thing about trends is you don’t have to go all in. You can take a little from each and mold it to your own personal aesthetic. That’s what we did during our store reset! If you haven’t already- come by and see if you can spot how we took use of some of the trends and applied them to Sarah’s designs. Until next time…best wishes in 2021!

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