What To Know Before Starting Your Home Renovation: Week 4

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How To Know What Tools You Need For Your Project

When the girls hired me years ago I never expected to be signed up for blog writing. But here we are! I’m here to tell you about the 7 tools I use day in and day out to finish the job right. I’m generally the last person at a job finishing the final details that everybody else is far too qualified to do, so I do it! Hahaha! When I go in to hang toilet paper holders, mirrors, cabinet hardware, these are the tools I use. Now I will say, Katie always wants all of her tools to match, but that’s not a priority for me. I just want the best thing.

Tape Measure – I just use a regular tape measure but some of the guys like this one because it stays locked in the out position until you want to put it away.

Wall Anchors – Whenever you’re hanging anything up, be it a mirror, shelves, art, anything. The first step is to throw away the crappy hardware they send with it. They just suck. Use these wall anchors instead.

Laser Level – I used to think this tool was for yuppies until I started using one. It cuts my time in half.

Drill/Driver – Everyone needs these! I have lots. I’ve tried lots of brands. This one’s a good one for the every-day DIY-er.

Good Allen Wrenches – Like I said with the wall anchors, if your product comes with an allen wrench, immediately throw it away. These here have a specialty ball head on them so you can use them from any angle. WAY easier. Trust me on this.

Pencil/Sharpie – Everyone on the job always needs a pencil.

Ratchet Straps – You always need ratchet straps. You never know what needs to be secured!

To see the full list of my recommendations, the girls made me my own amazon storefront…HA! You can find it here.

Y’all enjoy working hard!

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