Birchlane Inspired Porch Decor


We’re so excited to show you some of my (Sarah’s) fall decor! Now some of you are bat + witches cauldron + spider web girls…that’s not me! I’m barely pumpkins for fall! I think the Baptist in me has been to Hobby Lobby one too many times and I just can’t get behind the spooky decor! But I did decorate for Halloween! My front door decor is pink, green, and white pumpkins with disco balls of various sizes mixed in! Think Candy + Princess Party Halloween!

Birch Lane reached out about what I might use to style my porch for fall—well I was already decorated (classic!) but I found these AMAZING outdoor chairs for my pool area. The family got so used to Sunday hang-outs at 3:30 at the pool that we’ve started going through withdrawals at the idea of not seeing each other once a week! Instead of being pool-focused, I’ve shown two ways I plan to use these chairs. The first is over by Ruth’s slide—I can sit in this very generous arm-chair and read books between turns! She’ll go down the slide a few times and then say “Annie try!”…ok girl! 🙂 The second place I plan to use them is up on the deck. These chairs are so lightweight I literally carried them by myself from the front yard to the back yard by myself! The deck is the perfect landing spot to look at the pool, have a drink, and be near the table in case somebody brings snacks! These 2 chairs bring the pool seat count to 11 which will just fit all of us and they’re so comfy!

Now honestly I’m not a bat girl but these pillows have been tickling the back of my brain…do I need them? And I feel like this ghost wreath could vibe with my Candy + Princess Party vibe…right? But seriously I put hot pink pumpkins and fairy lights in my fireplace and Katie called to tell me I was on a slippery slope! Hahaha!

If you want to buy Sarah’s pillows or to see more about the Candy + Princess Party Halloween decor at Sarah’s front door click this link to read more!

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