Designing for “Big Family”


Y’all. Our family text threads are out of hand. We have a Sisters group–only Lambert Girls allowed. This one is for jokes about high school crushes, youth group, and parents. We have a Lambert Family group–only the original 5 allowed. This one is for jokes about family trips, family advice, life stories, and group votes. We have a Big Sisters group–Lambert Girls plus spouses and friends who have become family. This group is for jokes about politics, twitter, current events, and jokes that the parents wouldn’t appreciate. Then we have Big Family group–for the original 5, spouses, and friends who have become family. This group is no-holds-barred. You can talk The Bachelor, food, funny memories, work stories–the works.

The main floor of this home was designed with Big Family in mind. These spaces are for The Bachelor, food, fight night, funny memories–the works! We used durable finishes like concrete-look porcelain tile, iron, and quartz that we know will hold up to all of the parties, spills, and daily use! We made the island 12′ long because we know everyone ends up in the kitchen! We chose to knock down several walls (you’ll see in the before+after photos) for ease of moving from one space to the next. We also found a few high-end, large-group details to incorporate like the pass-through window to the patio and the sliders that open completely so that the balcony seamlessly becomes entertaining space.

Amazing Kitchen Remodel—Grapevine

My favorite design feature, though, is the wide-open, metal staircase. It is sculptural and beautiful enough to stand alone but also fades away when you look through the entry and out past the back balcony to the lake.

Best Kitchen Designer Southlake

The best part of this remodel, for us, is seeing a family get to really live in this space. Kids coming home from school and changing from their school uniform to their soccer/cheer/homecoming outfit and dashing back out the door. Dad coming home from running errands or a business lunch, sending emails from the office that is wide open to the girl-talk going on at the island. Mom putting dinner in the warming drawer so that it’s ready when the whole family gets back home from Wednesday-night church. The whole group out on the balcony throwing twigs for the puppy to fetch while laughing about this or that. Those moments are what make up our lives–what we’ll laugh and text about in five or ten years. We’re so honored to get to be a small part of your lives and never want to take it for granted! Thank you!

To view all of the pics of the main floor, click here!

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