4 Tips for Fall Decorating in 2020


Disclaimer: Before we get too far into this (and by that, I mean into this at all) let’s remember that our homes should be a reflection of who we are! You grew up on a cotton farm? Cotton stems may be for you! You’re a very traditional girl with a luxe aesthetic? Velvet pumpkins may be for you. Neither of these things are for all of us! It’s very easy to be caught up in a wave of seasonal decor (spiders AND pumpkins AND turkeys AND pinecones?!?! YESSSSS) but let’s work hard at staying grounded in our authentic styles so that our homes are truly a reflection of us!

1. White Pumpkins—The world has enough stressors of its own right now! Let’s keep our pumpkin palette simple—very simple. White is a neutral, goes with everything, and looks faaaaancy compared to a plain-ol-orange pumpkin. Use these on the porch, in a planter, as a table centerpiece, to fill the fireplace you don’t ever use…I could go on and on!

2. Candles, candles, candles—Think “double, double, toil and trouble” meets elegance. You could go white tapers in a grouping for less “Halloween” and more “Fall”. I also love the look of black, white, and striped tapers mixed. Or, do you need a pop of color, go WILD with berry colored tapers.

3. Leaves, vines, and berries— Bringing nature in is always a great idea. Pumpkins, acorns, and pinecones are classic fall decor staples. For a more subtle option, put a gathering of berries on stems into a vase. It will add a touch of fall decor without being too on-the-nose.

Tips for Fall Decorating 2020 | Interior Design | DFW | Texas

4. Gratitude— The most important fall tip, in my book, is to practice gratitude (why wait for fall?!). Pick one thing a day you’re thankful for, write it down, and drop it in a jar. These little slips of paper will add up quickly and remind you of how many blessings you’re surrounded by daily! It’s also a great way to get kids  involved in the practice of gratitude—we all could use a visual reminder some days!


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