Hot Mess to Beautiful-ness.


When I first walked into this villa the stone floors won me over. It felt like a fairy tale cottage in the center of Southlake! The thing about fairy tales, though, is that they have both princesses and poisoned apples. I remember this job as nothing but pixie dust and I think the results are fairy-godmother-level magical. It feels welcoming (and literally glows in the pictures) and I know that isn’t just because of the beautiful finishes put into the renovation.

Like all good stories, we hit a few bumps in the road before we got to the ‘happily ever after’! Our hand-made tile was ordered and arrived!…in the wrong quantity…so we had to reorder and wait for more hands to make them! Our old wood dining room floor wasn’t level so we had to grind the slab down to make it flush with the existing stone.Then we had to grind it more. And then more. Our countertops were selected…and then lost in the recesses of a slab warehouse so our fabricator had to ship more down from Chicago! Ultimately it all came together and our client gets to live in this dreamy, peaceful kitchen!

I’m not telling you this just to celebrate our sub-contractors always coming through (even though they do!). I’m telling you this because sometimes, in the middle of a project, it gets really hard or frustrating or disappointing. I’m not just talking about interior design. Life can be SO messy! I just wanted to remind us all today, myself included, to keep a broad perspective of life! Remember in middle school when everything was so dramatic and you were constantly mortified and ready to die?! (Thank God we grow out of that!) You made it. You made it out of middle school and nothing embarrassed you so much that you actually died. Looking back we laugh over what we were like then! One day we’ll look back on the messes we’re in now and see how they were for our good, how they were shaping us into better versions of ourselves, and how they were making us more compassionate, kind, and generous.

So look at these pictures and know that this beautiful-ness was a hot-mess at one point…just like you in middle school.

Before + After

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