How To Blend Styles – Farmhouse Modern + French Country

Kitchen remodeled by Southlake interior designer Lambert Home

One of the most common situations we run into when we’re meeting new clients is this: “We just can’t figure out what to do from here! He loves modern farmhouse but I love French country! We can’t seem to figure out how to meet in the middle!”

Girl, we totally get it! And to be honest, it’s not always “he likes this but I like this” often times it’s more like “Well, I really loved this picture on Pinterest, but then I really loved this completely different picture on Pinterest!”

That’s what’s so great about design and about discovering your own personal aesthetic! We don’t have to fit squarely into one category or another! That’s where the fun part comes in! This method will work when you’re blending any styles, but today we’ll focus our example on Farmhouse Modern and French Country! (BTW we went to France last year and are still not over it!!!)


How to Blend Syles | Modern Farmhouse | French Country | Interior Design | DFW


When you’re blending styles, the first thing you want to do is find a few inspiration pictures that completely encapsulate the style! We’ll be working with a stunning Farmhouse Modern design by Studio McGee and a gorgeous French Country design by Martha O’Hara Interiors! We love using Pinterest as our jumping off point! Once you’ve picked the perfect pictures, you’ll begin pulling out the details of each design. What are the individual components that make up the style as a whole? It can be hard to define a vague design style, but when you can break out the details it helps!

Just like this…


Black + WhiteShiplap

Iron Accents

Shaker Style Cabinetry

Ceiling Beams

Raw Wood

How to Blend Syles | Modern Farmhouse | French Country | Interior Design | DFW


French Blue

Organic Materials

Iron Accents

Detailed Cabinetry

Provincial Backsplash Tile

STEP TWO – similarities

Now, let’s take the same photos and list what we notice are similar about the two? Feel free to be as detailed here as you want! You can also list similar vibes or feelings both designs might have.

White Upper Cabinets

Black Accents

Clean + Open Feel

Inset Cabinets

Wood Accents

Welcoming + Inviting



Love Simple Cabinetry

Love Ceiling Detail

Love Black Accent

Love Industrial Venthood

Hate Stainless – Exchange For Brass

How to Blend Styles | Modern Farmhouse | French Country | Interior Design | DFW
How to Blend Styles | Modern Farmhouse | French Country | Interior Design | DFW


Love Blue

Love Patterned Tile

Hate Cabinetry Details


We know this is the most difficult part, but just do your best! Take into account your love/hate lists and begin working with design details of each style as well as the similarities list! What are non-negotiable to you? For the kitchen below, the blending includes the blue cabinetry + patterned tile from the french country inspiration, mixed with the simple cabinet design + ceiling detail of the farmhouse modern kitchen!

How to Blend Styles | Modern Farmhouse | French Country | Interior Design | DFW

This kitchen by Kitchenlab Interiors is the perfect definition of Farmhouse Modern + French Country!

Can you see which details lend itself to which style? (Hint: Y’all. that range. lol. come on!)

Check out a kitchen remodel where we blended these styles.

And really that’s it!! Be on the lookout for many more Blending Styles blogs and don’t get discouraged if you’re still having trouble getting it just right! Discovering your personal style takes time, courage, boldness, and patience! It doesn’t usually happen overnight but these 4 steps can help you get just a little closer!

Post all your questions/comments below and we’ll get back with you ASAP!