Introducing Emily


Hey there, It’s Emily!! I’ve been here at Lambert Home for nearly FOUR years, isn’t that wild!? Katie and Sarah have been my Bible study leaders since I was literally in 6th grade, so it was completely natural for me to join right in as soon as I could drive! Around here they refer to me as the store’s general manager, so if you come in you’d most likely see me putting away fabric and tile samples, dusting the vases, or organizing the back room! While I enjoy doing all of those things, my absolute favorite days at the store are moving days!! Any time that I get to hop into Katie’s truck and help deliver 200-pound tables, or carry a huge chair up a flight of stairs, or move all of our Christmas items to and from storage are such a thrill for me!! I live for those days where we get to throw on some sweatpants and just dig into some hard work! (In my case, I almost often end up wearing my corduroy pants on accident, and let me tell you, it’s very unfortunate! lol!)  When I’m not working, I’m pretty much always either hanging out with my two doggies, Charlie and Mocha, watching crime shows, planning some fun random event,  doing yard work, or hanging out with my friends!

While I absolutely love working at Lambert Home SO much, I’m actually about to graduate from UNT in December with my bachelors degree in social work (yayyy!!), so I’ll be beginning a whole new career with Child Protective Services pretty soon (but we’re trying not to think about that)! I cherish every fun, spontaneous moment that we have here, every chipotle feast, every day of lifting heavy boxes, and every project thrown my way, because it’s what makes working at Lambert Home so special!!

Emily Chamberlain

Her name is Emily, but we call her Chamby!

1. What is your favorite thing in your closet?

Got to be my Birks. Especially my snake skin ones.

2. If we went to happy hour, what would you order?

Anything fruity. Maybe pina colada?

3. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to own a daycare business!

4. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Being late.

5. What’s your favorite color?


6. What three words best describe you?

Loyal. Reliable. Moody.

7. What’s the highest thing on your bucket list right now?

Roadtrip through California and Oregon! also Hawaii! 🙂

8. What’s the last book you read? Did you like it?

Trauma Stewardship: An everyday guide to caring for self while caring for others. And i’m loving it! So many good tips and tricks!

9. If you could be anywhere, other than here, right this minute, where would you be?


10. If you were a pasta shape, which one would you be and why?

Bow tie. They’re just the most fun!

11. What’s the best part of your job?

Working in such an authentic, real environment. We’re welcomed to be ourselves!

12. Which celebrity would you invite to your birthday party?

Today, Charlie Puth. Tomorrow it could be JT… hard to say!

13. What was your favorite toy as a kid?

Littlest Pet Shop! I had like 100. Lol.

14. Which of your personality traits has gotten you in the most trouble?

Stubbornness. Lol.

15. If you’ve had a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

Eat ice cream. like a lot. Or cake!

16. Describe your perfect vacation

Literally no obligations. Relaxing. Probably in Hawaii on the beach. Sipping on alllll the fruity drinks. Not getting sunburned!!!

17. What’s your favorite food?

Chinese! Specifically, lo mein. And fried rice. MMMMM!!

18. Describe your perfect Saturday

 Sleeping in til 10, then pancakes at Devivos. Followed by a stroll around target and a good nap! Definitely going to the movies and eating too much popcorn. In bed by 8:30!

19. Who would play you if there were a movie about your life?

I’m thinking Haley Lu Richardson! Just cause she’s such a cutie! And seems down to earth.

20. If you only had one week to live what would you do?

Ugh. Um. Tell everyone I know how much I love them and how much they’ve impacted my life. Give away all of my things. Probably eat A LOT because who cares anymore!! Probably make day trips to see the rest of my family!

21. Describe the design of your dream bedroom.

Leather headboard. Pink linen bedding. Lots of warm woods. Pictures of all of my favorite people and places on the walls. I love my walls being covered! Walls…probably mauve as an accent wall. Then a nice really comfy seating area for reading.

22. At what age do you see yourself retiring?

Hmm. maybe 65? 70?

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