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YEEE! The incredibly exciting news is finally here! OUR OWN CUSTOM FURNITURE LINE IS OFFICIALLY HERE!!!! It has been a long time coming and literally SO MANY years of scouting, and planning, and designing, and selecting and we are finally here!!  We are literally so proud of every single feature of the line and are here to give you the broad-scale overview of the line!

Built with Integrity

  1. Our North Carolina manufacturing warehouse is filled with multi-generational craftsman, many of them members of the same family, who have been building furniture for upwards of 30 years! We love having the opportunity to support families and skilled craftsman.

  2. We’ve have horror stories y’all. Broken promise after broken promise from the big furniture stores, from timelines, to availability, to material! Y’all know we’ll only ever tell you the truth, we’ll only ever be up front and honest and give you all of the information we can!

Thoughtful Design with YOU in Mind

  1. Fabric – Sarah has hand-selected over 200 fabric and 40 top grain leathers to choose from, but don’t get overwhelmed! We’re here to help you pick what’s perfect for you! We’ve also included over 50 bleach-cleanable stain-resistant fabrics perfect for anyone with kids, pets, or any furniture that will see heavy use. (Think Netflix + Pizza!)

  2. Shapes – Our designs, start to finish, have YOU in mind! From extra-deep sectionals to tight-back sofas, Sarah has considered you, your family, your lifestyle, and what shapes and finishes would help you thrive in your own home!

Quality Manufacturing

  1. Maple frames and spring down wrap cushions make for the highest quality of build. This is forever furniture at reasonable pricing!

  2. As y’all know, we really do not support the disposable furniture trend that was really big a few years ago and we’re so excited as we witness the market turn to respecting quality made goods! We believe these are true life pieces!

Built For You — Customization

  1. This is crazy. It feels crazy to even offer! But every single piece in our line is completely customizable. You want to add a swivel/glider? Done! You want a deeper seat depth? Perfect! Seat backs in one fabric, seat cushions in another? Awesome! And on and on I could go! Now we’ve designed the pieces to work in most spaces, but girl, if that barndominium needs a 25 foot sofa, you know we to you!

  2. COM (Customers Own Material) — A really cool part of the line we’re so excited about is the prospects of COM! Our mother is a fabric collector and literally has bolts and bolts of stunning fabrics she’s collected through the years. Now we can use those gorgeous fabrics to complete the perfect furniture pieces!

Personal Experience

  1. This one is a big one for me. When we’re talking about furniture, it feels like a commitment! We want to be able to sit on the cushions, feel the fabrics, make sure our dimensions are perfect. And that’s where we come in! You won’t find any store more knowledgeable about their furniture line because we designed it ourself! We will walk you through each selection and advise you along the way.

Quick Turnaround Time

  1. This part literally blows my mind every time I think about it! Now if you’re not in the industry, you may not understand the impact here. Y’all — We are so proud to tell you that our quick-ship ready-made line has will ship direct to you in 3-5 weeks and our custom line ships direct to you in 7-9 weeks! This is truly, truly unheard of right now! HOW ARE WE SO LUCKY?!!!

  2. Made in the USA, 7 day ship time from factory to your house.

Browse some of the selections…

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