Laura’s Nursery Vibe


It’s pretty much safe to say that I did not think I’d be designing a nursery this year. Surprise! Y’all remember the wedding I previously planned and posted about? My wedding? Well, there was a honeymoon. And let’s just say what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.

We don’t know the gender—

When we found out we were going to be having a baby there was the initial panic…and then once we got our brains around the idea we started talking about whether we wanted to find out the gender. A controversial topic to which everyone has their opinion. I always knew I wanted to wait and be surprised, but it took some convincing my husband. Once he was on board I could commit to a nursery plan! But here’s the thing: gender-neutral nurseries can be boring to me.

Designing a gender-neutral nursery

Sage green, dusty blue, or the dreadful white on white with beige, these are your options it seems when it comes to a gender-neutral nursery. And honestly guys…I just wasn’t having it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, any nursery is cute. There’s just something whimsical about them! I love the sweet simplicity of soft blankets and all the baby goo. But you know me…I have to be different. I can’t have it looking like everyone else’s and I want it to be true to my husband and I’s aesthetic!

My aesthetic—

So if you are new here or haven’t been by the studio to meet me…I’ll fill you in on my said aesthetic. It’s a lot of black and white and neutrals. It’s earthy. There’s a lot of texture going on. It is modern meets farmhouse meets California coastal. With *apparently* (according to Katie) a touch of Traditional. Or something. Honestly I don’t know. So what’s the problem you ask? Well, it stems from what most problems stem from when it comes to design: the husband. Lol kidding. Sort of.

My husband’s aesthetic

My husband is the manliest of men with the softest heart. He is a western cowboy without the wranglers or horse. He wears all black and white, has a massive beard, lives for his lawn mower, works for a landscape design company, loves being a girl dad, would build us a barnominium if I let him, and unfortunately has absolutely zero taste when it comes to furniture or decor. God bless his soul. He’s western country meets industrial. We are just different. Neither of us are wrong. I just wouldn’t personally choose leather for every surface like he would!

It’s a collaboration—

As women it’s easy for us to spearhead the design process and choose everything we want, never considering our spouse’s wants or wishes. Sometimes that flies and sometimes you get the husband who comes in to design meetings insisting on black toilets and absolutely no florals…but at the end of the day it should be a collaboration because he has to live there too, ladies!

The result—

So I took the need to collaborate to heart and combined what I could from both of our styles. This betrothal of aesthetics for us actually created a unique and fun plan for our nursery- I call it western modern. I took my modern interests with his love of all things country and before you know it- Sarah and I had a plan! Black and white western wallpaper, boucle, leather, hide, black modern clean lines, some greenery. It’s a vibe! We are so excited to see how the design comes to fruition, but not as excited as we are to see who this little baby turns out to be!

Check out the pics below to see some more of our inspiration!