New Year + New Look


Have you been in since our remodel? We reopened mid-January after a long week of packing, moving boxes, painting, moving boxes, wallpapering, moving boxes, and unpacking. You should come see it for yourself because EVERYTHING has changed. The first thing you will notice is our beautiful cash wrap has been relocated to the front of the store. I know what you’re thinking: how did they get that gigantic counter + quartz slab moved across the store?! A miracle, one pair of steel-toed boots, and a dolly. Amen. Textured, grasscloth wallpaper layered with a new, custom sign says it all! And we have yet to mention the one-of-a-kind pendant lights we made with antique globes and custom colored cord wire! We love our new front space! Sarah wanted to create an inviting, clean space to greet our customers when they come in and make sure they knew where they were at: Lambert Home!

Every inch of the store has be redesigned. New products in the store have been curated for carefully designed spaces to help you shop and show you the potential for your spaces back home!

Sarah’s DeskSarah’s Desk

Katie’s DeskKatie’s Desk

Chamby + Madison’s DeskChamby + Madison’s Desk

Speaking of design – our new design center may be our favorite part! All of our different spaces allow for each of us to do our jobs more efficiently. Sarah’s space gives her easy access to all her clients’ files and materials. She can easily turn to find the tile she selected for a current client’s kitchen project or grab a magazine that will give her the inspiration she needs for a new client’s project! Sarah’s long desk is perfect for client meetings where she can spread out all her fabulous selections in front of her clients sitting on the other side! Katie’s desk is perfect for managing all the numbers, keeping projects organized and doing the things only Katie can do! Chamby + Madison even have their own space now to answer the phone + work on social media projects. We have been working in our new space now for a couple of weeks and the changes have been both fun and functional.

IMG_7372.jpgIMG_7380.JPGOne of the best parts of our remodel that you may not even notice is our materials library. Our samples used to live in the back room, cramped into a tiny corner with terrible lighting! I mean a TINY corner. Now that they have been brought out into the light, Sarah can easily find the wallpaper that is calling your name or pull the JF Crypton fabric line to show you its water-repellant technology. All our different lines are displayed well, easily accessible, labeled, and organized for Sarah to make selections! The new space has easily doubled our efficiency and we can’t wait to tackle more of your design jobs! We are so thankful for every square foot of our remodel. It feels just right for our season at Lambert Home and the start of the new decade. We look around and giggle and say, “Can you even believe how beautiful our desks are? But what about the shelves? And look at that new art!” Come check out the new space for yourself + follow us @LambertHome to see more of us everyday .

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