Top 10 Pregnancy Questions


Okay! So of course you all already know but I am pregnant!! WUTTTT! Yes. It’s been a very interesting journey so far! Here are answers to the Top 10 questions I’ve been asked constantly so that you can all know what’s up!! 🙂

1. Is it a boy or a girl?!

We don’t know yet. 🙂 I don’t really care if we find out one way or the other but my husband Nick wants to know SO BADLY! So we’ll see!

2. How are you doing the nursery?

Yeeek! We’re doing the nursery in sage-y greens, mint green, soft yellows, cream, and straw. I got this gorgeous soft yellow, wool rug at an estate sale in Colleyville! So cheap! So gorgeous!! Then I basically had to beg, borrow, and steal to source my favorite fabric I’ve ever seen in this life!! When I was ready to order my yardage it had been discontinued just 4 days before!!! AND THEY HAD COMPLETELY RUN OUT!! PANIC Y’ALL!!! — I literally emailed every single show room/designer who had a sample in the entire country and they all mailed me in their samples!! I currently have 18 pieces of 24×24 swatches that will soon become something amazing!

3. What’s the nursery theme?

Well the nursery isn’t super themed per se. It’s not Horton Hears A Who, or Noah’s ark or whatever. BUT! If I were to give it a theme, it would be like….ummm…I dunno I’m thinking…like… okay… You know the scene in Pride & Prejudice at the very beginning? When it’s just a beautiful clean morning, and there’s clean white laundry drying on the line, and there’s 2 white ducks waddling around being precious, and the sun is crisp and sparkling and fresh and dazzling and lovely? I’m sure you’re picturing the scene right now. Yes that’s the theme. Just beautiful and restful and simple and clean and lovely. 🙂

4. What’s with the ducks?

Lol I’m actually quoting here and my response in my soul is “what’s with your face?” HAHA! But my response out loud is “I dunno? Why not ducks?” I really love ducks! Their little feet are the death of me, and how they waddle, and mate for life, and are just precious! I love ducks! Second, Sarah and I were at Dallas Market a year ago, and we saw these 2 vintage quilted mallards, and she goes “….I’m pretty sure we need to buy those?” I’m like “do we have a store theme coming up they match?” and she says “noooo…butttt…ummm…some day if you ever have a baby like…I’m pretty sure those ducks are it!” So we bought the ducks!

5. What have your parents said? I bet they’re over the moon!

Yes. 🙂 They’re just giddy! Constantly thrilled and delighted! Dad’s over here like buying cowboy hats and carhartt’s already, crying constantly at having a grand baby. (Y’all know he cries like, at least once a day during normal life, but now that there’s a baby on the way he’s at max-level crying!) and Mom is just desperate to have a baby in her arms this very minute! They’re so excited! (It makes it way more exciting for me and Nick to see how excited our parents are. 🙂 We’re so blessed!)

6. Names?!

No names yet. 🙂

7. How are you feeling?

I feel great! Majorly chubby and constantly waffling between so famished that I’m murderous, and so repulsed by all food that I’ll just have a handful of almonds for lunch and call it a day.

8. What’s the best/worst part so far?

Best: Sonograms. Hands down. Makes this Grinch’s heart grow 3 sizes.

Worst: EVERYONE calling me “chunky.” What the hell even is that?!

9. Are you hoping for a boy or girl?

Me and Nick both genuinely don’t care at all either way! Baby girls get to wear hair bows and will grow into strong awesome bad-ass women. Baby boys get to wear straw cowboy hats like DooDad and will grow into strong awesome bad-ass men. We can’t go wrong either way!

10. Was this part of your plan?!

🙂 This baby is an interesting twist in the plot and what story is worth the read without a great plot twist?! This is just a bit ahead of the meticulously precise life schedule I had planned out, but a little flexibility does a Type A good!

We can’t wait to show you the Nursery when it’s all done. But in the meantime … have you read about Katie’s Kitchen Remodel ?!? Or seen the whole process?!

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