Our Top 10 Paint Colors

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There is arguably no more difficult task to a homeowner than to select paint colors! We have heard countless horror stories about the wrong color, the wrong sheen, the wrong professional painter! And we have seen even worse. Lol Y’all can not even imagine the paint jobs we’ve seen!! To be honest, there have been times where we have sampled the fully INCORRECT colors and have been shocked by the outcome! HAHA! It can be so tricky to assess paint colors in different angles, different lighting, with different backdrops, etc, so we’re going to make it easy for you and share our top ten paint colors we use day in and day out. I’ll describe where we use them and why we choose them to help you know what’s best for you!! 

Snowbound – This crispy neutral white is perfect in semi-gloss for trim carpentry and cabinets! We love this white because it’s perfectly neutral and doesn’t lean blue, yellow, or pink! Perfect! 

Creamy – This warm white is actually what Katie’s entire house is painted, trim, walls, ceilings, everything! We love it because it is like being hugged by your paint color! It’s still a true white but leans a shade warm for a bit of a cozier vibe. 

Shoji – This is an incredible color and one that we’ve been selecting a lot lately. It’s perfectly neutral not really leaning grey nor brown, just right in the middle. We love it for walls and we often pair it with Snowbound for trim. 

Aesthetic White – We only recently discovered this beautiful SW color and have LOVED IT! It is so neutral! It’s almost what I would describe as a cloudy white. Imagine a white room on a cloudy day, a bit muted and quiet. Truly lovely!

Agreeable Grey – This classic standard is going to work for any space. Period. It’s a hint gray (for the gray lovers) but very light and neutral-y. We’ve actually used this color for our store walls, but in full transparency, we are leaning away from this color as it’s only slightly too saturated for what we’re going for lately. 

Accessible Beige – This is the twin sister of Agreeable Grey, but for the girlies who prefer brown undertones to gray. Very light and neutral-y, very popular! 

Cyberspace – AHA, this is your perfect dark navy, but subtle. Not U.S. Navy Navy, but a muted dark navy. It works in interiors or exteriors, and pairs beautifully with either a crispy white like Snowbound or a warmer white like Creamy. The exterior of my house is actually Cyberspace! It’s so subtley navy.

Black Fox – This warm charcoal-y color is perfect for exteriors or statement interiors. A bold entry way, a moody office, or a cozy bedroom. We also LOVE black fox on cabinets or trim! 

Worldly Gray – Worldly gray is another subtle neutral-y gray that is perfect for both interior and exterior. 

Sea Salt – For a happy splash of joyful color, Sea Salt never disappoints. We’ve used it for statement cabinets, pool bath walls, and an office ceiling. It’s clear, clean, restful, and happy! I’ve also seen it used on some exteriors and in the right location, it’s adorable!! 

These are some of our tried and true options that can never go wrong, what are your favorite colors to use?!