Powder Bath Before and After

Bathroom remodel by Southlake Interior designer, Lambert Home

Here’s What We Did

Y’all. This bathroom still knocks my socks off and not in a “glamour! glitter! amazing! unattainable!” way. In a “*deep breath*” way. In a “my life is beautiful and I’m so grateful to be living it” way. I know that sounds like lofty goals for a little ol’ powder bath but I think it nailed it.

When I first met with the clients they were taking me on the “add this to the list” tour and we stopped in the powder bath. They said, “Well, this…obviously” and I knew exactly what they meant. Their vision for their home was that everything be light, bright, and simplified–we had some work to do.

Our first step was to acknowledge that their vanity piece was beautiful–but not shining in the room. It was so dark in there at first that I literally said “what antique furniture piece that we’re using as a vanity?” Once I felt around and found it, I loved it! The twist detail, the height, and the texture of the old wood were all keepers but we needed to notice it! To let it be the star of the room, we had to get rid of the old wallpaper. NOW I LOVE A GOOD WALLPAPER but with the mission to lighten and brighten it had to go. We replaced it with a beautiful grasscloth paper that literally glows. I can’t help but want to run my hands down the pictures just to feel the texture of that grasscloth. Next, we replaced the dark granite and drop-in sink with a light piece of quartz and an undermount sink to keep everything feeling fresh and current. Finally, we changed the light fixture, plumbing fixture, and accessories (like the towel ring.) The mirror was repurposed from another room in the house and I couldn’t have found a better mirror for that bathroom if I’d gone shopping for it! You may notice that the old mirror was hung vertically but the new mirror was hung horizontally–that helps the vanity to look as wide as it actually is and makes the room feel more spacious because I’m getting more in the reflection than just ceiling.

Products we used: Quartz, Wallpaper, Light Fixture, Plumbing Fixtures, Art.



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