Prepping Your Garden For Spring

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OHHHHHHH my people, it’s my favorite time of year!!! My Tulips have popped their heads up, joyful and pink!!! My trees are budding out with bright green baby leafs. And my delightful garden’s long wait is over!! I’m back at it!!! 

I spent the dreary months of December and January scouring seed catalogs, plotting and planning. This year I received 12 catalogs and my first step is to squeal in delight! My favorite catalogs are from Sow True Seed, Botanical interests, Territorial Seed Company, and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They each have such variety and different art, from photographs, to watercolor paintings, to hand drawn and I find them so refreshing and inspiring. I spend weeks circling and marking and sticky noting which varieties I’d love to try while also cross referencing my notes from years before. What worked and didn’t work? For example, last year my Kale got absolutely OVERCOME by harlequin bugs which wound up literally taking out my ENTIRE GARDEN!!! So this year I am NOT doing kale!!! I also consider what do I like to eat? I’ll never grow a nasty ol’ thick skinned cucumber or some creepy acorn squash when I can grow massive delicious tomatoes! 

This year I used a new-to-me tool, the Apple Freeform app. It has been a GAME CHANGER for my garden planning! I was able to create a visual layout of my beds while  carefully considering companion planting!

February is my least favorite month of gardening. It’s when I have to start my seeds. I do not yet have the confidence in seed-starting! This year I invested in new supplies. Soil Blockers, grow lights, warming mats, etc. to really help me grow in this skill, and I’m not sure it’s helped too much! HA! I don’t think I’ve yet learned the patience and care it takes to start good strong seeds. 

Finally, after caring for my seedlings for 6-8 weeks I’m currently in the process of planting!!! As of today (4/4/2023) I’ve planted lavender, Salvia, cucumbers, tomatoes, Ray’s Giant Pumpkins (supposed to get up to 200 pounds!!!!!! WHAT?!). I have a lot more work ahead of me but I’m taking it slow and steady this year, one step at a time. 

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