Pros and Cons of a Wet Room

Bathroom remodel by Southlake Interior designer, Lambert Home

Y’all know, we absolutely live for a master bath remodel. It’s oftentimes one of the last places that gets refreshed in a home because it’s hidden from guests therefore is deemed less important, but we’re here to say absolutely not!!! Especially after living through 2020, I think we all understand and recognize the importance of self care. We think creating a space where you can fully and effectively commit to caring for yourself is step number one!

There’s something truly healing about the combination of a hot bath, candles burning, maybe a book, maybe calming music, (maybe an iPad with re-runs of Bob’s Burgers) that just heals the soul and refreshes a person. We’re fully about it, but we’re NOT as convinced that the same healing power can be accomplished in a 2×2 shower or a dingy horrifying bathtub that you’ve never actually been in because you heard the previous homeowner had a home birth in it. Do you see what I’m saying? (And yes, that is an actual story from a client of ours. lol.) There’s not enough bleach in the world!

This brings us to today’s topic: The Pros and Cons of THE WET ROOM, plus one secret pro-tip from Katie.

First off, the idea of a wet room is that your shower and tub are in the same closed off, fully tiled, designated space. The entire space can be sprayed with water, ceiling, walls, everywhere! We’re going to explain every detail of the benefits and drawbacks so you can decide for yourself if the wet room is the right choice for you!



Okay, this might surprise you because when you see the photos of these wet rooms, I know you’re thinking “oh my word that’s HUGE!!!” And it’s true! Wet rooms are so spacious and roomy and luxurious but they actually save space in your bathroom! For example, look at these two drawings of Katie’s bathroom — one in the traditional bathroom layout with tub and shower separated, and one in the wet room layout. By enclosing the tub and shower in one giant space, you’re actually saving space! We encourage really everyone who is dealing with small square footage to consider the benefits of a wet room.



Not only does the wet room save space in the bathroom in general, it also creates so much more room in the shower itself! Your shower is no longer just fit into a corner, it’s now the star of the show. (Which makes sense doesn’t it? Because what are you actually in the bathroom to do? SHOWER!) The roomier shower paves the way to a luxury experience including hand showers, body sprayers, rain heads, etc. Not to mention double showers! Is a wink emoji too much right now?! lol. Yes?! Okay. haha.


With the installation of a simple hand sprayer, and because the entire space is tiled, cleaning is a cinch! I spray the whole thing down, use a little dish wand to give it all a gentle scrub, then simply rinse with the extendable hand sprayer! And forget about that dusty fright fest behind your old tub, your wet room tub stays perfectly clean and dust free with the use of the hand sprayer! Also — thanks to the full tile room, we no longer have drywall moisture issues anywhere! Bye bye mold!


This is a big one y’all! You know it and I know it! Think splashing kids, think dog shaking off after a bath, think mud wrestling in the yard, these are the true reasons we LOVE a wet room!! Whether it be hosing off muddy babies or enduring the labrador’s shakes post-bath, the wet room was made for it!



We’re not going to lie to you, the installation of a wet room is expensive, and logically so. Imagine multiplying the cost of a regular shower by 3-5. Why? Because ultimately you’re just building a huge shower, that we happen to plumb and install a tub into. The cost is obviously a full stop for many, but when thinking long term, if you’re the type of person, like me who only intends to do things ONCE, then the wet room may be a wise investment for you!!



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