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As I was pushing my cart through Homegoods today (yes, sometimes I shop at Homegoods!) the woman next to me was dejectedly staring at an aisle. She’d heave a big sigh, walk three feet down the aisle, heave another sigh, and stare dejectedly from her empty cart to my quickly-filling one. After a few minutes of this I finally had to ask her if she was feeling ok! “I’m just no good at this stuff! And you’re finding everything good! Why is this hard for me and not hard for you?!” I laughed a little, reminded her that everyone has different gifts and talents—not everyone can be good at interior design (thank goodness—I’d be out of a job!), and gave her a hug. I helped her fill her cart with a few things for her kitchen and pushed on in my shopping but it got me thinking.

It’s time to get real. The pictures on our website are beautiful and I’m so proud of them. I love our curated instagram and think everyone should follow and like, no, love every picture! I work with my sister every day and we rarely have to fight about anything. I love my life, my job, our team, and our clients but I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea about who we are. I am an excellent interior designer but am a mediocre housekeeper, pretty bad at technology and gadgets, and a horrible accountant. If every time I needed to do some sort of math (literally the best I can do at even figuring out how to describe the business-end of Lambert Home) I chose to try to tackle it myself instead of empowering Katie to handle it we’d be ruined…and I’m not over exaggerating my failure at money math! For your own safety, do not even try to talk to me about these things. My eyes glaze over. I think I’m listening and understanding until I realize I haven’t understood anything for five minutes. If I set my worth by how good I was at business math, or housekeeping, or technology I’d have a pretty low opinion of myself. However, I set my self worth on what God says about me and nothing else! He says I’m chosen, I’m valued, I’m set apart. He says I’m worth it, I’m created uniquely, and that He’s got a plan for my life.

Interior Designer Colleyville TX

Where we live so many people are playing the comparison game—she’s better at throwing parties, she’s got a better job, they’re happily married and nothing bad ever happens to their kids! Don’t get sucked into that! You would be wasting your time and, ultimately, your life if you spent time with that game. Know that God has a much better plan for you than that. He wants more for your life than that. At Lambert Home we’re all about freedom—get out of that game and live free—knowing who you are, what you’re about, and why!

Finally, while I’m so happy to talk to anyone at Homegoods about their cart and their kitchen, I’d also love to talk about their hearts, their passions, their dreams, and their relationship with God! I’ll be the one in the Freedom Fighter shirt with the awesome cart.

Interior Designer Colleyville TXInterior Designer Colleyville TX

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