Sarah Begins Her House Hunt


I’ve been saving and waiting and waiting and saving. It’s finally time. I’m buying a house! I’ve been trying to buy one for over a year and keep getting told that maybe a pandemic isn’t the right time. Haha! But here we are! As I start the hunting process I thought I’d let you in on what I’m hoping for! To start…Here’s my inpso…

1. Keller—near Katie & Nick’s house and Mom & Dad’s house. These property values are skyrocketing! I’m afraid that if I don’t buy now, I’ll never be able to! I’ve found many options that meet my other requirements but they’re farther away. It might be great for me but not if no one would come see me…not if I’d be there by myself! In the dreamiest of dream worlds I’m walking distance from both. In this dream world little Ruth comes home from school, comes to my house for cookies and laughing, and I walk her back home for dinner…or Nick comes over to shoot hoops…or Katie comes over to help me garden…or after a family hang at Katie’s house I can just walk home.

2. 3 bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms—enough room for guests or a family if that happens for me!

3. Fireplace—I love a fire in a fireplace. I don’t care if it’s gas or wood-burning. I would be willing to give this up if adding one in future were an option.

4. Light—I’d love for one public room and the master bedroom to get good light. In our area it’s hard to get light into the house because of all of the trees—my kind of problem, I know!

5. 2-car garage—I think this one is about safety for me. I’ll live there alone so I’d rather be able to roll in, close the door, and not worry about threats once I’m home.

6. Yard—I’d rather have mature trees. I know that working in the yard is good for me to spend time outside and reconnect with nature so I’d love a yard that I could really turn into a beautiful garden. I also live for my above-ground pool in the summer so a nice spot for that would be great.

7. Needing updating—So many houses update to sell…but I own a construction company and know exactly who I am…please don’t update your house for me! It doesn’t have the value to me that you think it should! Haha! I’d rather buy a house that needs a lot of work so that it could truly reflect who I am.

8. Sewer—I’d love for the house to be on sewer instead of septic. Growing up on septic was stressful—will the toilet flush or not?! I’d be willing to overlook this if there were hope for sewer in the future!

For the list of things I don’t care about 🙂

1. Updates—I said it already but I’ll say it again! I don’t need new kitchen countertops to buy a house. I’ll see the potential without them.

2. Kitchen—While I enjoy cooking, and love eating, the kitchen isn’t where I plan to spend a ton of time living or hosting. Other rooms are more important to me.

3. Pool—I’ve never had a pool! I’ve heard they’re expensive to upkeep—should I want one? Would I enjoy it enough to even out the cost?

4. Curb Appeal—I’ll see through it’s diamond-in-the-rough state. I don’t need it to have curb appeal.

I’ll keep you posted as I hunt! Y’all pray that the right house is available for the right amount at the right time, please! I know you all will do just that so thank you in advance!

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