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Hey y’all! It’s been awhile! Summer is in full force & we’ve been busy bees hammering out several projects & prepping for our studio expansion. It’s been CRAZY, but a good crazy! And you know what’s super essential during crazy times & busy schedules? A support system. People who help you get things done. Friends. For us lately this has been our Lambert Home intern Taylor! Or as Laura refers to her…Intern of the Century. We’ve been so blessed to have Taylor on the team this summer. While her time with us may be coming to a close…she truly has left a mark on our hearts! Here is what she has to say about her time here at Lambert Home. Not going to lie…we all teared up when we read it. I mean….she’s literally as sweet as pie & will be truly missed!

Y’all be sure to come by the studio and wish her good luck as she prepares to head back to Fayetteville next week!


Hi guys! I’ve met a lot of you over at the studio but just in case you have no idea who I am…I’m Taylor! I am a junior at The University of Arkansas and this summer I was blessed with the opportunity to work as an Interior Design Intern at Lambert Home! I was initially drawn to Lambert Home not only because of their beautiful designs and their eye for detail, but also because of their incredible mission, which is advocating for the end of modern day slavery across the world. I knew Lambert Home was truly making a difference, and I wanted to be part of the team! When I first moved to Southlake from my hometown in Louisiana to start this internship, I was a bit nervous about the adjustment. I was sure I would get lost around the city or feel distant from my family and friends. The team at Lambert Home, however, made me feel accepted and welcomed. They brought fun and excitement into the workplace and were constantly encouraging and motivating me!


As an intern for Lambert Home, I was given different responsibilities and daily tasks. Some of these included working on digital media renderings for clients, gaining and organizing material samples, visiting client projects, making presentations, searching for inspiration photographs for projects, researching different materials, and more! Throughout my time at Lambert Home, I learned many lessons about interior design strategies and about life as a professional in the design field. I learned how to schedule meetings in the most time-efficient way and how to genuinely and authentically interact with clients. I gained a deeper understanding about product manufacturing and how it impacts pricing. I was able to experience the beginning and ending of different projects and see how they grew. Most importantly, however, I was shown by example how to be a confident and impactful leader in the field of interior design.


Not only have I learned a ton about the technical side of things & working in the interior design field… I have also made so many wonderful memories while I’ve been here at Lambert Home. From playing with sweet baby Ruth at the studio to visiting beautiful showrooms, every single day is a new adventure filled with laughs and smiles! Some of my favorite days include visiting with clients who come into the studio to talk about life, shop around the store, and be in community! I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and could not have asked for a more rewarding, hands-on experience! This internship has equipped me with a new skill set that I know will launch me into the field of interior design. I greatly appreciate everyone at Lambert Home for helping me grow and develop my skills as an interior design student. Everyone I have interacted with during my time here has shown me such kindness and grace. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Lambert Home!

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