Glamorous Texas Remodel

Bathroom remodel by Southlake Interior designer, Lambert Home
Love Floral Art | Lambert Home Retail Store

When Katie and I first went to market to shop for our future store we came across this beautiful, large piece of framed art called Lush Love. Our original buying parameters were “Organic, Glamorous, and Fun” and this passed that test with flying colors! We loved it and eventually brought it into Lambert Home thinking “this baby will sell like hot cakes!” It had lots of rentals, check-outs, and close calls but somehow never found the right home. Then the perfect buyer came in! That’s how it works in retail. You can do all your trend research and market projections and client questionnaires but, until the perfect buyer walks in, none of it matters! Lush Love got to go home to the perfect house and we got pictures! She was styled with linen bedding, a cow skull, magnolia blooms, rustic wood, and an iron bed. It was SUCH a fun, eclectic, Texas mix that we couldn’t get enough of! Eventually we got to work on this client’s master bathroom, too, and we wanted to bring that same vibe and spirit into the new renovation. Organic, Glamorous, and Fun…with a Texas twist!

1. What specific needs stuck out on this project?

Aside from new closet doors this bathroom hadn’t been updated…ever! Our main objective was to bring it into this century! There are certain decisions that used to be ‘design standards’ that are now out-of-style—like lower 30” high vanities, cultured marble, linoleum, and sunken tubs! We also needed to open up the shower and improve the storage in the vanity. We could all use more storage!

2. What were some specific challenges you faced on this project? problems? set backs?

My biggest challenge was upgrading the tub. We knew the sunken, cultured marble tub wasn’t what we wanted anymore so we decided on a freestanding tub! That decision was easy! The hard part was finding one that fit in the existing nook. I thought we’d managed it…until the tub arrived. It was 1/8” too wide once the tile was factored in! DANG IT! Quick thinking on Dad’s part with the help of our tile installer solved the problem before I even knew it existed—the dream! They ended up using a thinner backing to apply the tile to and voila!

3. What selections did you make and why?

Our design objective was to make sure the bathroom would be comfortable for both Him (think country, rustic, hunter who runs a feed store!) and Her (think pink and gold and chandeliers and champagne)! For Him we added a slate mosaic detail and stain-grade wood for the cabinets. For Her we used accents of brass, marble-looking floor tile, and polished nickel plumbing fixtures. That way they can both see their design inspirations and selections in the finished space without their spouse being disappointed in the end result.

4. Why do these selections matter or impact the functionality and/or design of the space?

Sometimes making everybody happy is a losing game of compromises where nobody _quite_ gets what they want but these two were so considerate of each other that it was a joy to find what could make both happy!

5. How long did this project take?

This project was supposed to take 6 weeks but our glass installer accidentally mis-measured the shower glass so we had to wait an additional 2 weeks for new, custom glass to come in! WORTH IT.

6. What did this project teach you? Or could be a lesson to others?

This project taught me to double-check the tub nook measurements—haha! I also want to encourage everyone to keep looking for plumbing fixtures that spark joy! I try to say every job “If you don’t love it and aren’t excited by it—let’s keep looking!” This client heard me, believed me, and searched for plumbing fixtures that would get her excited! To a non-designer that might sound crazy but I know it can happen—don’t lose hope! I’d also want people to see this use of mixed metals—brass and polished nickel. I like to use the trendier color (right now that’s brushed brass) on things that are easy to change like cabinet hardware or light fixtures and specify the more permanent plumbing fixtures in a standard, beautiful finish like polished nickel, satin nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze.

7. When you think of this project, what do you think of?

These clients were so generous, hospitable, and kind to our sub-contractors and to Dad every day. There was never a minute of stress or anger or disappointment. It was a true joy! You guys know the feeling when you receive a call and you’re not sure what’s going to be on the other end of the line. “Should I answer?!” It was always praise, compliments, and helpful information. We all look back at this project and count it a blessing!

Before + Afters

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