Thanksgiving Dining Room Table Set-Up


I’m a formal girl. I have an overflowing china cabinet. I own fur coats. I’ve contemplated having day pearls and night pearls. I love champagne. You’re getting the picture. Sometimes I’ll set a fancy table and light tapers and layer linens and dishes. Sometimes I’ll stack the dixie cups and a sharpie next to the ice bowl and move on. I contain multitudes! 🙂 Today I thought I’d show you two ways to style your holiday tables: one for more traditional settings and another that’s more playful. You can be the judge of which fits you best and which guests might enjoy which!


Tablecloths + Runners + Placemats

I love this suiting-inspired stripe as our traditional anchor. Then I’m feeling oranges and cloves this Christmas with a little blue and white chinoiserie. What could be more traditional than that?!


For the centerpiece I just have some holly, some berries, and some red roses scattered down the table. I like to keep it low and mix my votive holders into the overgrowth.

Chargers + Dishes + Glasses

I chose to show a charger, a dinner plate, and a large bowl here but you’ve got to go with what fits your meal. Since my meal was imaginary I could go where the Spirit led.

Final Touches

I love the look of these layered place cards—this gives everyone a cue that you had a plan, you’ve put them where you think they’ll best enjoy themselves—even if it’s just “their spot”. These pieces can also help protect your white tablecloth from silverware, drips, or splashes. Layered artfully under your serving pieces or next to your plates they add a thoughtful touch that you can easily throw away after! You can see I’ve layered in votives, marble sculpture, small velvet picture frames, and silver serving-ware. There are no half-measures with me. We’re all in!


Runners + Placemats

I took a more casual approach here! No fancy linens—you can see the table! I’ve layered a colorful paper placemat and a vintage linen. I loved the look of that scalloped linen on top of that rainbow stripe—so playful already!


For the centerpiece I’ve gathered a few stems, a few berry bunches, a few votives, and some ceramic succulents. This will keep the centerpiece low and airy—no need to fill every gap!

Chargers + Dishes + Glasses

Again, these are for pretend but I loved the scallops, the bows, the vines—I was going for an airy-er look on this table. A little pink glass, a simple white cup and saucer with a gold rim…breezy and fun!

Final Touches

I’m using one of these pieces as a protection for my linen placemat, again, but the topiary on the table is adorable! You could use it as a place card, to write a quote or phrase, to highlight the menu, or to start a fun table game! Instructions could even be on the back! I had Katie fold the citrus dish towel into a “fancy” shape for this—it’s just an ikea dish towel, y’all! But it looks so fun!

Come into the store to get your table(s) pointed in the right direction this holiday season! We’ll even help you pull together your custom scheme of placemats, place cards, table accents, etc.!