The Inspiration Edit: Feelings of Summer


The feelings of summer are in the air!! The transition from spring to summer means that colors get brighter, days get longer, the sky gets lighter, the weather gets hotter, and drinks get cooler. When I think of summer, I think of family vacations, the smell of sunscreen, long nights full of laughter, striped beach towels, and sandals in every color. To kick off the summer feelings at Lambert Home, I organized a summer mood board to inspire our design work as well as our wardrobes this season! 

Materials + Motifs

As I played around in our materials library to see what was inspiring me for this season, I found myself being drawn to all of the bright, warm, and vibrant materials! When refreshing our homes for the summer, we’ve all been inspired by the typical coastal look… bamboo details, different shades of blue, light wood… you get it! Which, don’t get me wrong, is BEAUTIFUL, but I decided to find balance through other elements of summer.  I can confidently say that with lots of woven textures, saturated colors, and stripes (flashback to my mention of the beach towels in the intro), you’re sure to bring the look of summer into your home! 


Now how do we use our styling skills to bring the summer feelings into our favorite rooms?? Try styling with items that mix textures, colors, and balance natural and fun elements. Think baskets, airy greenery, fun vases or pillows, summer-inspired coffee books— things that are simple to change out between the seasons and complement everything else you have in your home without demanding too much attention! 


In my first design class freshman year of college, my professor told us to find design inspiration in fashion because if florals are “in” in fashion, they’ll be “in” in the design world next! So naturally, I’ve included outfit inspiration images based off of the summer mood board to help inspire your wardrobe this season! Again, we’re looking at lots of bright colors but balancing them with light and warm neutrals, and accessorizing with textured bags, fun sandals, and vibrant jewelry! 

To get started on your summer wardrobe, I’ve linked some of my favorite items for the season below!

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