The Lambert Home Design Process


After a fun and eventful summer of rest, we’re back!!!!! And with so many new people around here since we last chatted, we wanted to take a second to talk through who we are, what we value, and how we can serve you and your home here at Lambert Home. We want you to feel confident in who and what you are signing up for soooooo let’s get into it!

Who We Are

We believe your home should be the best reflection of your heart. It should be a true and genuine visual display of your best characteristics, joys, personality, and lifestyle. The result is a space that you can truly thrive in. We totally get that there are questions, and nerves, and so many emotions involved with hiring a designer and we’re here to help! We know that budget and timeline and control are all primary concerns! We know that it can be nerve-racking to trust someone with your home, your safe space! And we know that so many of you have had an unsavory experience in the past and we totally see you and we hear you! We want you to know up front that we respect all of that! As someone who’s personal main concerns are budget and being in control, I completely understand!

Core Values

Authenticity, Love, Quality, Creativity, Hard Work

01 Initial Consultation

Well this is exciting! You’ve scheduled your initial consultation with Lambert Home and we’re excited and you’re excited and everything is so exciting!! I like to encourage people to walk around your house with a notebook and take notes on everything you’d like to get done! It’s best to start with the big picture in mind here so that Sarah can work from big to small! Here’s what to expect; Sarah will come to your house (or business, or treehouse, or camper, or whatever you’re wanting help with) to walk through your space with you! Y’all will talk about your dreams, goals, and ideas for your space. You’ll go over your budget, timeline, and other important factors like that! And although you may not notice, Sarah will be taking note of everything! She’s using her truly amazing magical skills and is interpreting your personal design style while y’all walk around and visit.

Timeline: typically scheduled 2-4 weeks out

02 Read & Sign Contract

Design Fee Due at this time

Definitely the opposite of glamorous isn’t it! But it’s so important. Don’t let it scare you, it’s here to protect everyone!

The design contract is in place to protect the client by ensuring the designer stays on task, uses their time wisely, doesn’t bring unapproved items to client’s house and charge them crazy amounts of money, and respects the clients privacy, etc. (All of you girls who have had bad designer experiences. We have listened to every word you’ve said and we’ve included provisions in our contract to protect you! This contract should help you feel confident that that won’t happen again!)

The design contract is in place to protect the designer by ensuring the client is responsible for approving items, signing off on purchases, paying design fees, etc.

Timeline: typically sent 1-2 days after consultation

03 Pics & Measure

Although it’s not very exciting or flashy, this day is such a crucial part of our design process! It only takes about 15 minutes as one of our team members take several photos of your home and take measurements of your space, windows, doors, etc. (And trust me, you’re really going to appreciate having these Before Photos once you see the finished product!)

Timeline: typically 1 week after contract is signed

04 Initial Design Presentation

This is probably the most exciting day for all of our clients! (Who am I kidding? the next several steps are also thrilling too!) You have waited patiently for 2 weeks while our designers have put your initial presentation together! Your initial presentation will be a digital presentation that will include inspiration photos, potential selections, and lots of examples of where we could go with your design! There will be much squealing and giggling and clapping because it’s truly so exciting! Sarah will ask for your response including what you like, don’t like, and any additional thoughts you have!

Timeline: typically 2 weeks after pics + measure

05 Specific Design Meeting

Today’s the day you get to see EXACTLY what will be installed in your home. The conversation is no longer “We’re planning to do a blue rug, a neutral sofa, with a nice wood coffee table.” Now the conversation is “This is the exact rug. This is the exact sofa. And this is the coffee table.” You’ll also see the exact price of each item and learn the timeline of when the items will be available. You can approve and sign off on your design and we’ll start ordering; or you can also take your specific presentation home to your family to review with everyone. Then we can make final edits and changes as needed, and finally approve, sign off, and start ordering!

Timeline: typically 2-3 weeks after initial design meeting

06 Sub Meeting

We’ll meet at your house with all of the appropriate subs to gather exact down-to-the-penny pricing for your job. We don’t want any surprises coming down the road so we bring everyone out to confirm exact design and scope and pricing!

Timeline: typically 2-3 weeks after specific design meeting

07 Final Design Meeting

Okay so now things are getting REALLLL! In this meeting we’ll review our final design selections, as well as pricing, a detailed construction calendar, and the construction contract. We will set a start date, execute the first construction payment, and confirm scheduling with all subs.

Timeline: typically 3-4 weeks after sub meeting

08 Project Execution

EEEEKKKKK! All the waiting and meetings have led to this point! Today it’s all hands on deck at your house and Sarah has come out with squad and it is a flurry of activity! Boxes are being broken down, rugs are being carried up stairs, furniture is being built and installed, art is being hung, pillows are being fluffed, drapes are being installed, and things are getting SO real in yours space! It’s coming together before your eyes, or possibly not before your eyes as you’d prefer to come in and be surprised at the end of the day, but either way it is truly amazing and genuinely, we are so proud of you! You have been patient, you have been faithful, you have been a joy to work for and today’s the day where all of your silent fears and worries and desire for control all fades away. We know you! We know you’ve had some nerves, but not anymore because you have reached the end and you can’t believe this is your space! Good for you! 🙂 You deserve this!

Timeline: varies depending on project

09 Final Photos

This is the last step and then I swear we’ll get out of your hair (until you’re ready for your next project)! Sometimes this may even happen a few weeks or months after your project has technically ended. We just have got to get these gorgeous finished photos of your home so we can share them on the gram and our website! People want to see how gorgeous your home is! Plus, we’ll leave you lots of fresh flowers, both because they make the photos gorgeous, but also because you deserve them and we love you!

Timeline: varies greatly

We can’t wait to get to know you, your space, and your hopes and dreams… and then make them come true!

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