Who am I?

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I was driving the girls to school yesterday and the only ice cream they DON’T like is Cookies and Cream. SHOCKING. Who doesn’t like that?! Every other flavor was a yes! They were singing a song about ice cream and squealing and giggling and we were all having fun! Being seen and known for your authentic self is the absolute best. As adults sometimes we feel the need to hide who we are. I get told too many times “Just give me what you give everyone else”…No thank you! Authenticity is worth the pursuit! So, you’re on a mission to nail down your personal style? No sweat, it’s like discovering your favorite flavor of ice cream – it’s all about what tickles your taste buds.

Start by taking the style map quiz! Where do you land?! Is there a fork in the road you’re not sure which to follow? Follow both and see if you might be a combo!

Confirm your aesthetic by raiding your closet – yep, your wardrobe is a goldmine of hints. Notice any recurring patterns? Colors? Maybe you’re all about the comfy casual or the classy chic. Now, let’s sneak a peek at your home. Are you drawn to clean lines and minimal clutter, or do you love surrounding yourself with vibrant colors and funky patterns? It’s like your space is dropping you hints, like little design breadcrumbs. Once you’re comparing your wardrobe and home to our map—are you being authentic in what you buy? Are you authentic in what you surround yourself with?

But hold up….let’s final confirm. It’s not just about what’s hanging in your closet or adorning your walls. Let’s talk about vibes. Think about places that make you happy – that funky café with mismatched chairs or that zen garden you stumbled upon. These places resonate with you because they vibe with your personal style. It’s about capturing those feels and infusing them into your space. Grab ideas from everywhere – magazines, Instagram, your neighbor’s porch – and give them your own twist. Remember, it’s all about that authentic touch. So, toss in that vintage lamp you adore, even if it doesn’t “match.”

And guess what? It’s a journey, not a one-shot deal. Your style might evolve like a Pokémon, and that’s cool! The key is to stay open to new ideas while keeping your core likes close to heart. So, go on, rock that space like the style superstar you are!

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